Yesterday; Pre-photoshoot carrying to the porch.


Yesterday; Pre-photoshoot carrying to the porch.


Cicero’s turning into a mush. :3 


Toaster and Quicksilver went to new homes yesterday, but today I received four new friends in return! Clockwise from upper left, meet Mead (2013 female Bumble Bee, currently in shed), Custard (2013 female Lesser), Cannoli (2014 male Lavender Albino), and Éclair (2013 female Het. Lavender Albino)!

(I know I just said I wasn’t looking to add the Spider gene to my collection, but the Bee came with the rest in the trade and has no visible wobble. Not sure if I’ll breed her, though.)


Good morning, pretty lady.

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Meet Grem; he’s an Albino Okeetee Cornsnake and cute as heck. 

Meet Grem; he’s an Albino Okeetee Cornsnake and cute as heck

New snake owner here. My male BP is showing serious signs of being gravid. Laying inverted; very fat but has a flat tail. And hes seeking warmth. He was housed with two other BP’s before I got him. The old owner simply said “I was told they are all male” and he had them for like 2-3 months. Is there anyway to tell for sure if hes a she and shes pregnant?

Oh goodness. Well I hate to say this right off, but I’m unsure.

I suppose a quick question is how large is the snake? If it’s a small ‘male’ then it would probably not be gravid.

I’m honestly going to direct you to a few other people as we have no real experience with breeding weight females. We’ve never bred ours yet and while we’ve read up on a lot of things currently we are still looking into things, asking others as well..

So, I would look to some of those that have bred. So: fuckyeahballpythons solid-snakes

If anyone else would like to help as well, the more help the better!


Lt. Commander Worf. Original Bloodred. He’s a freaking sweetheart.


I got a wood burner for bins now. I am never using drills again